BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO (aka BTS or making-of video)

We really think it is a good idea to take behind the scenes video OR photography whilst on set, as part of the main project, to give our clients something they can use on their social media, to help promote their projects and campaigns.

This is why we like to offer an optional Behind the Scenes Videographer and Photographer on particular projects that may benefit from having one.

Uploading behind the scenes videos or pictures onto the client's website and blog page, or most importantly social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc) can really help create anticipation for the main video that is being made - it reaches out additional audiences, and by it self a Behind the Scenes video or photography is a considerable help in boosting awareness. It can be shared as an email campaign (mail chimp or google email marketing), and the link can easily be embedded on any other partner websites to create a buzz ahead of the main video release.



  • Behind The Scenes Video (60 - 90 second approx)
  • Behind the Scenes Photography (selection of 30 pictures approx)
  • We add Voice over or Titles to the BTS video
  • We add music, Logo and Call to Action with URL
  • We can add any other material the client provides
  • We help you write a catchy caption for each picture if required
  • We help you share your post if required


Find out more about BTS in this article on NIKON's website - CLICK HERE


We can either use one of our professional photographers to do a slick, more creative behind the scenes - or we can use our runners or assistants to take a few quick snaps during the filming day, or the client can send us pictures they took themselves during the day. This is a service we like to offer (many times free of charge, depending on the project) as it really is important for everyone's SEO to update posts and blogs regularly, and create more engaging content online.


Simple yet fun things like a Behind the Scenes picture or short video really make a difference!


We normally share with the client a contact sheet where clients can pick and choose their favourite pictures and we can then deliver the masters of those, optimised for the web.

We also provide a behind the scenes video (usually around 60 seconds, with end Logo and URL or CTA - call to action). This will support the main campaign online - reinforcing the client's objectives. And can be used to re-target audiences online. A behind the scenes video can also be shared after the main campaign has taken place, as a follow up and reminder - and to re-target viewers of the main video.


Here is a behind the scenes video example we did for one of our own shoots - we made a BTS to promote our own work, this is just an example and it is of course bespoke for each client we work with (with their own titles, logos and call to action):

In this example we show the kit and crew we use on our startup videos (films made for crowdfunding websites like kickstarter, crowdcube etc). This video is a great way to show our prospective clients the kind of production they would get and the atmosphere on set when working with our video production company.



We now offer 360 behind the scenes as well with our exciting new GoPro Fusion 360 camera. We love having that on set with us everywhere we go, it's a really fun way to share an update on social media. With 360 BTS viewers can interact with the video or photography and pretend they are there on set with us. They can spin the camera around and see what was happening on set all around them. Click here to get an idea of what the 360 camera can do.