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Documentary Video Production

Tailored Media is a Documentary Video Production Service based in London. We have experience filming and editing documentary videos around the globe for brands, charities and organisations - including private commissions. We're passionate about telling stories that engage audiences and help our clients make a difference.

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Documentary Video Production

Tailored Media is a Documentary Video Production Company based in London. We have made documentary films around the world for brands, charities and organisations - including private clients. We're passionate about telling stories that engage audiences and help make a difference.

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We plan your documentary together, using our extensive experience and knowledge. Scriptwriting, storyboarding, budgeting and scheduling in detail.


Our amazing filmmakers and crews will craft your ideal documentary film. Using state of the art equipment and offering a plethora of creative approaches for your film.


We will edit your documentaries, making them punchy, emotional, engaging. Mustering all of our creative ideas to build the perfect story.

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Documentary Video Production includes: Charity Films, Branded Content and Commercial Documentaries, Heritage Films, Documentary Style Case Studies, Governmental Videos, Corporate Documentary and much more

Documentary video is the art of story-telling, creating powerful and emotional true stories.

Our team is here to help you stand out with your perfect documentary film.

Charity Documentaries

We have helped charities make videos for their messaging and projects globally. This includes films for charities like Macmillan, Amnesty International, Marie Curie to name a few. We are super proud to have worked on meaningful projects to help the charities reach larger audiences online.

Branded Documentary

Brands are always looking for new creative ways to share their new products and services. One of the most successful ways to do this is by mixing branded content with a documentary format, filming real life examples & real people - where the brand has had a positive impact on their lives. These are great films to engage with audiences.

Heritage Documentaries 

If your company has an interesting story, it is historic and has a great heritage - what better way to celebrate than making a Heritage Documentary Film. Your business, brand or organisation might be celebrating an anniversary coming soon and you might like your staff and customers to know more about your past and where it all started. 

Corporate Documentary

You may be working in a bank wanting to make a video about one of your projects and how it has impacted local communities. We help corporate companies and businesses make engaging and emotional films that tell true stories. Making a documentary film about the success or challenges of a project is a great way to start a meeting or to screen at an event to kick things off with.

Charity Documentary
Branded Documentary
Heritage Documentary
Coporate Documentary

Meet Tailored Media

Documentary Filmmakers

What clients say about us

P. Burjutti

Head of Digital Content - Charity Organisation
We had a great time with TM, they have create a fun and emotional documentary video for our charity organisation and are very grateful for their hard work. We totally recommend working with them, we have only praise for their amazing help.

Belia C.

Owner / Founder - startup company
What with all these video companies out there, Tailored Media have really been unique in the amount of dedication and extra gear and assistance they gave us. We're very grateful for their help, we had a small budget but they insisted in making something higher end for our crowdfunding video, and that's been a great surprise for us all.

Francis B.

Account Manager - multinational
We had to film in these remote areas with little local knowledge, let alone the language. Max and his team have sourced the ideal fixer and local crew that helped us put in place all the legalities and permits to film without incurring trouble. They have been professional and caring and we liked working with them. Still do...

Bruce H M.

Digital Team - Global Technology Company
We had a difficult story to tell and our crew (tailored media) have been very sensitive about it. Michael the director was super easy to work with and his approach was fresh and direct, we liked that and it made us feel at ease. The film was really good in the end and the editing was creative, this is something we look for when making films for our youtube channel.

Why make a documentary film?

Are you looking for a corporate documentary, a social responsibility film or an investor / crowdfunding documentary? Do you need an About Us documentary film, commercial documentary or are you looking to make the next big hit for Netflix? We are here to help!

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Documentary video is varied - the choices are many and include:

Corporate Documentary (which is a fantastic way to share the story of a company or business). Corporate documentary goes straight to the heart of the story one wants to talk about. It helps create video content that is genuine and direct, and as such, is a great video for staff, customers and brands to share online and to be proud of.

This kind of documentary video is also often used for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It tells the story of any project and initiative linked to a business or company and shows how they contributed to making this a better world, helping local communities, organisations and suppliers.

You also have Charity Documentary films aimed at showing what a particular charity organisation is doing and how they benefit society as a whole. These videos are incredibly engaging and often tell stories few of us know of, and are a very direct way to gain more exposure online.

One of the great formats we love working on is Branded Documentaries, or commercial documentaries. These are a blend between an advert and a documentary. Basically, instead of using real actors or a fake story... we would film a real story of real people, and use that to help create a promotional video for our clients.

We also make Heritage Documentaries and Anniversary films for businesses and companies around the world.

We have travelled globally to many foreign countries, filming great video content for multinational companies (as well as smaller businesses) and we have huge experience working in a multilingual environment with our own in-house teams + local directors / interviewers (including offering translation and subtitling).

We use filmic cameras such as Canon c300mkiii - Sony Venice - ARRI Mini LF and RED cameras... and have a choice of cinema lenses and gimbals to use for each job. With top notch cameras, sound and lighting gear, we make sure your documentary looks amazing.

Helping Businesses tell their story

Documentary Video Production

We have been making documentary films for over 15 years, working for some amazing businesses, brands and charities.

We believe in producing quality work.

With state of the art film equipment and professional crews our sole aim is to make beautiful and engaging films.


Documentary Video Production

corporate video production company
Proud to be working with global companies

Working with Tailored Media

We make beautiful documentaries

Pre-production (researching, scriptwriting and storyboarding).
Production (choosing the right kit and crew for your project).
Post-production (editing, including translation and subtitling).

We always try to impress, so any project, brief or budget that we work with, we will try and add much more to the production – extra kit, extra crew, little perks – as we value our clients and believe in quality work.

There’s two things we love above everything else, simple language and transparency. We give our clients options, we explain everything in detail, we break down budgets and schedules and are totally trustworthy.

Last but not least, we deliver on time and on budget. Our documentary films are budgeted ahead of the shoot and everything is clear to the client as to where the costs go. Our clients give us a delivery deadline, and we revere that as the ultimate unmissable goal. We give our clients regular updates and a project schedule to work with.

Filming and Editing Services

Documentary Film Company

We make documentaries for Charities, Businesses, International Organisations, Start-ups or for private commissions and content creators (youtube channels and social media).

We offer free consultation & advice and we are good listeners all the way through the creative process. We are a professional creative video agency with years of experience and have gathered an enviable know-how which we are happy to share. Get in touch for more.

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