Book Trailer Video production

This cinematic Book Trailer Video was made to help launch The Bone Season, first of a series of successful books to be launched on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter as a successful Social media campaign.

It was shot with Arri camera and steady-cam, overlays are made with After Effects animation. We used actors and animators to bring to life one of the main chapters in the book.

Filming and editing a book trailer helps readers stay engaged and to create anticipation to help with book sales.

We helped Bloomsbury Publishing’s marketing team create a fun book trailer. What we did for them was:

  • Read the book to get a better understanding of the overall look and feel of the characters and locations
  • Suggest sections to turn into a short film and create a storyboard
  • Script the Voice Over and record it in our studio with high quality microphones
  • Source and provide casting of actors and extras
  • Choose a Director and DoP and put a great crew together (hair and make up, sound, gimbal operator etc)
  • Edit the film and add visual effects and grading
  • Export different versions for social metia (2 minute, 60 sec, 30 sec, 15sec)


Making a book promo is a fun and creative way to advertise online, wether it is for commercial or corporate clients, it really is a great way to gain new clients. You can either choose to do a film, or you can have an animation / infographic – either way is great as a book trailer video.


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Bloomsbury Publishing
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