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Corporate Video Production

Tailored Media is a corporate video production company in London. We work with global companies, agencies and organisations in a multilingual environment. Our aim is to deliver the very best video content for your needs, maximising production quality & value for any budget.

Let us take care of your external and internal video content or client case studies, event videos, animations and presentation videos. We are experts in filming interviews, and capturing beautiful scenes in a corporate and office environment, highlighting the values and work of any business and company.

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Corporate Video Production

Tailored Media is a quality corporate video production company. Based in London, we work with global companies, agencies and organisations around the world. Our aim is to deliver the very best video content, maximising production value for our client’s needs. Scroll down to find out more.

Filming & Editing

Engaging corporate video production. Skilled producers, Directors, Camera Operators and Editors with over 15 years experience.

Animation & Infographics

We are animators and graphic designers. Send us a brief and we will share our ideas to bring your animation videos to life.



We work with global brands in any language. Translation, subtitling and localisation of video content.

Trusted by global brands

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Corporate Videos, Promotional Videos, Internal Communications,
Video Content Marketing, Sales Videos, Training Videos, Animation & Infographic, Case Studies, Product Video, Website Videos, About Us Videos, Corporate Event Video Production and much more

Corporate video production is with infinite possibilities. It directly reflects the Organisation, Company or Business that it’s about - so it's very important. It’s produced as a top level introduction to a company’s ethos, expertise and services - it engages audiences.

Our team is here to help you stand out with your perfect corporate video.

About Us Video

Why not add a video about your company to your website? this is a great way to attract visitors to your services. A punchy and creative online film showcasing your staff, office and services, is a quick and easy way to introduce your company to your audience. You can also share it on social media and via email marketing to attract more business. Give us a call to discuss your perfect About Us Video >> Marketing Video >> Presentation Video

Case Study Video

Making a Case Study Video helps brands and businesses share a great story with their audience. Letting your customers tell your audience how you helped them grow their business is a great way to gain trust and authority in your services. Let us film and edit a short success story for you to share with other customers. Let's make a Case Study Video >> Talking Heads Video >> Success Story Video

Product Video

Do you have a product or service you would like your audience to know about? A product video showcases a product, product range or service, demonstrates it in action, and clarifies the benefits of its features. A product video aims to be dynamic, positive, and confident. Help us make your next Promotional Video >> Demonstration Video >> Explainer Video >> Sales Video Production.

Training Video

Training Videos are a simple way to teach your audience what would otherwise be difficult to explain with a written article. Audiences love watching training videos, it is easier to understand, faster and more entertaining for everyone. We can help you turn your training sessions into engaging videos and help you train your staff or audiences online. Call us to find out more. Training Video Production >> Explainer Videos >> Demo Videos

Animation & Infographic

Turn your corporate content into entertaining and visually gripping videos. We make your meetings and events shine with the best animation and infographic videos. Let us create a detailed storyboard and voice over script for your business. We offer creative consultation and detailed planning. Animation >> Infographic >> Whiteboard Videos

Events & Customer Videos

Need to film your event? Or, need a video to screen at your event? We can help you do that! With a multi-camera setup filming keynote presentations, customer Vox-pops, individual stands and exhibitors, we're the perfect team to cover that for you. We can make an overall event video, and shorter exhibitor or customer videos too for you to share with prospective exhibitors and customers looking to join future events. 

About Us Video
Case Study Video
Product and Services Video
Training Video
Corporate Animation
Events and Customer Videos

Meet & Greet

Corporate Filmmakers

What clients say about us

Lisa S.

Head of Marketing - Banking Sector
Tailored Media have made a series of online videos for our internal comms team. The films look so filmic, beautifully crafted, they delivered on time and on budget. The best thing for me compared to previous experiences we had is how they communicated clearly, transparently and in layman terms... no misunderstandings = less room for error! = happy client (me).

Daniel B.

Owner / Founder - Optician Brand
What we found great about Katy and her team is how they guided us through what frankly we know very little about: the creative process... how to make a good film, what gear to use, what would work best visually for our target audience. Practical thinking combined with their creative flair... that's it in a nutshell.

Denise K.

Digital Marketing Team - Accounting Firm
Now, it needs to be said that our industry isn't the easiest to understand, with all the complex jargon and the way we work... but Max and his team got it right away, there was little need for changes after the first version of the film, and we're super happy with their professionalism and friendly manners on set. Great work TM.

Florence K. - Creative Agency London

Client Account Manager
When times get busy and our internal video team needs an extra hand, we have to find an equally creative and professional team to outsource some of our work to. We've looked far and wide and Tailored Media ticked all boxes. They are creative, they listen, they are on time... and most importantly they are great ROI.

Who is your target audience?

shareholders, potential business partners, investors (institutional & individual), brokers, bankers & finance, clients / customers, governments and legislators, employees, online channels and much more...

Let us help you hone down your ideal video format and creative ideas. We offer free consultation, call us or email us now.


Planning the project well is of crucial importance. Things like deciding the content and format of a film, the list of questions for the interviews, or the copy for the Voice Over recording - or the motion graphics style and scenes to animate. As much as we're great at improvising, and we can literally turn up with a camera and make you a great film, we know how important pre-production is.


This is often seen as the fun part, where all the glitz of cameras rolling, lights beaming, sound and clapperboard come in shot, and we all love it... it's definitely the moment where everything happens quick and before you know it the shooting day is over... That's why we like to do things well, with state of the art equipment and professional filmmakers who know what they are doing and work seamlessly together, not to waste any valuable time...


Arguably the most important moment during the whole filmmaking process, is the editing. Going through hours of footage, interviews, broll, scripts etc... it can be mind boggling. Luckily this is what editors love doing most... their story telling skills and visual flair comes into action. We love trying things out during the editing phase, looking for what works best with the footage as much as sticking to the original brief.

Client Amends

Fine-tuning the edit. We all know how everyone has their own thoughts about everything, and for us the most important thoughts are our clients'. We need first and foremost a film that works for the client, that does exactly what they set out to achieve. That's where fine-tuning becomes crucial to the entire creative process, and everything falls into place neatly to create their ideal bespoke movie.

Language Versions

Here's when we realise, actually this movie is great and it could work in other markets. Tailored Media works with great translator teams in London and can then create subtitles for your videos. Subtitles can be activated and hidden (as in Youtube videos). We like to know that our films have a long shelf life, and can be re-utilised abroad or for foreign audiences. Especially for global brands, this is a great option we offer.

Client Amends
Language Versions
A bit more about TM

Helping Brands and Businesses

Great Corporate Videos

We are proud to have been making corporate films for over 15 years, and to have worked for some amazing companies, brands and organisations.

We believe in transparency, hard work and quality work.

With state of the art equipment and friendly crews we help our clients achieve their goals. Ultimately, our entire focus as a video production company is to make engaging films, to help our clients reach more customers and to be part of their growing success.


Corporate Video Production

corporate video production company
Proud to be working with leading brands

Why choose Tailored Media?

We make great corporate videos for brands and agencies

Pre-production (consultation, research, scripting, storyboarding).
Production (crews, filming gear, filming sessions, voice over recording sessions).
Post-production (editing, client versions, unlimited rounds of amends, translation and subtitling).

We really go the extra mile for our clients, for us it’s not about budgets, but primarily we like to know our clients are getting the very best for their briefs.
We like to add extra goodies to make our shoots perfect – be it a additional filming gear, unlimited consultation etc. Our only goal is to give our very best for each project.

There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing what a budget covers.
We break down our quotes in detail, we make it clear where our costs are, we like to be upfront and honest about every step of the project. Ultimately we like to retain our clients, we are NOT a ‘hit and run’ supplier.

When we say we will deliver in 2 days… we mean it.
We know how every project is time critical for our clients, and we respect that. We work around the clock to deliver every version on time and within budget expectations. This is really the one thing every professional production company prioritises.

Filming and Editing Services

Corporate Video Production

We make films for Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource, and IT departments: training videos, case studies, infographic animations, meeting & pitch videos, sit down interviews with staff, management or CEO, Event videos.

We have experience with different formats and styles of video, servicing a variety of clients and brands, that we can confidently work on any brief given.

We like to offer guidance and advice and we listen out to your requirements all the way through the pre-production, production and post-production process.

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