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Art Gallery video production enhances online engagement, events and exhibitions with content that is relevant, inspiring and informative. Attract more visitors to your Art Gallery by creating an online video. A simple interview with some cutaways of the art work on display can go a long way by telling a short story about your gallery – or exhibitions in museums too where painting, statues and even more contemporary Virtual Reality art is on display. It helps build your brand and create more awareness. It is also a great way to show your passion and knowledge of art and artists and the collections you hold.

 WHY WORK WITH TAILORED MEDIA:   We are one of the film companies in London that specialises in art gallery videos, with over 15 years experience making short films for private collections, galleries and museum websites. We focus on corporate films, promotional videos and commercials that talk about Art.

Additionally, we’ve made several films for Google’s Arts & Culture which is a great honour for us as it is a truly amazing place online to enjoy great art and culture.

Seidenberg Antiques

This is an Art Gallery video production we made for a really special family business Antiques shop in lower Manhattan. The moment you walk in, a world of culture and history opens up and it feels like being transported into a modern time Aladdin's Cave... everything in here is magical and 'valuable'. The owner and his son shared their emotional story and we made a short promotional video for social media and their YouTube channel.

Ethan Cohen Fine Arts (NYC)

This is a documentary Art Gallery video production about Working for a Gallery and it's Owner... we made it for a fantastic gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Our filmmaker got to meet the lovely staff and the owner Ethan Cohen, and made a short video about their values and ethos and a glimpse at what it means to work in such a specialised Gallery - we very much enjoyed their current exhibition 'The Fuck Off Generation' (featuring work from Chinese Post-Mao artists).

Royal Botanical Gardens, Madrid

This is an Art Gallery video production for internationally acclaimed artist Mat Collishaw. The video is a walk through of the exhibition being prepared and presented by Fundació Sorigué in Spain. 'Dialogues - Mat Collishaw'

AFA Gallery (SoHo)

This is a video production we made for a unique art gallery in New York. It was fascinating to see so many imaginative artists all in one place - the likes of Tim Burton, John Lennon, Dr Seuss, Schulz... and many other contemporary emerging artists - we filming this video gave us an insight on how really there is no limit for the imagination! 

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Belgium

This is one of the videos we filmed and edited for Google's Arts & Culture initiative. An amazing opportunity to see some of the worlds best art and artists and to make an interesting and inspiring film. We are very thankful of the experience and loved making it.


Our video production company in London likes to travel, see places, meet inspiring people, and find interesting stories to tell in a film. We pride ourselves in being one of the best film production companies in London, servicing global clients and companies. This is what we love doing, this is our passion - making films that leave a mark, that are interesting, and that help businesses share their message and grow. Our films are both a powerful advertising tool, but also a cinematic piece that clients can proudly share with their contacts.


We offer Pre-production, Production and Post-production - that means we take care of the whole process, making it easier for our clients - we take time to prepare the filming, schedule it and make sure everything is clear before the filming takes place. We then organise the filming session, choosing the right crew and gear and choosing a format and style with our clients. We then proceed to the editing phase, sharing versions that can easily be changed and modified according to our client's own taste and requirements. We add music & Voice Over; we include pictures, archive material, a URL & 'call to action' at the end. We can also create Youtube Channels with subtitles, to help our clients share their video content online with their international viewers and potential customers.

Our video production is centred on producing quality films that are beautifully crafted and emotionally engaging. We are storytellers and we like to translate the real ethos and values of the companies we meet into a great film to watch and share online. Our films are made by professional and friendly filmmakers, who are sensitive and careful, yet fun to meet - and we handpicked a selection of filmmakers we know are passionate about arts and culture, who are experienced and well travelled. 


If you're looking for a video production company to work with for your art gallery, then look no further, we are a perfect match.


art gallery film companies
art gallery film companies


art galleries video production
art galleries video production

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