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Hello and welcome to Tailored Media.  We've put together some examples of our work showing how photographs can be used in video.


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Firstly this is an example showing filmed footage in a store.  We could achieve something similar in one of your Dubai stores
Filming 1 full day with a 2 person crew.  Editing this promo and 2 x 30 second social media videos.  £2,350
This is an example of a project where we were given product shots only in high resolution jpeg format. This is the shorter teaser version.
We used original assets and a selection of library photographs to create a dynamic teaser and longer promo video using just still images.
This is a dramatic cut down and a bit of a hack, as we're unable to share the original video with you due to confidentiality.  This video was made up of photographs, titles, video of product and stores and also interviews at press days.  Here you see just some of the inserts of photography.
In a different sector, this is another example of using just photographs to build a video story.  This is also an example of using Voice Over alongside the visuals.  £800

EXAMPLES of Full Productions:

Here are some examples of Full Productions we did for Brands and Commercial clients using several locations, higher end kit, actors, props etc.


Firstly this is an example showing filmed footage in a store.  We could achieve something similar in one of your Dubai stores
Filming 1 full day with a 2 person crew.  Editing this promo and 2 x 30 second social media videos.  £2,350
SILVER: Bloomsbury Publishing
We created this imaginative Book Trailer for a Sci-Fi novel written by emerging teenage writer Samantha Shannon. This involved Storyboarding, Voice Over Recording, Casting & Actors, Location Scouting, ARRI + Steadycam Operator, Filming / Animation and Grading.
COST for filming and editing: £12,000
We made this Branded Content video for Chivas Regal for the Asian Market and the launch of a new Label in Vietnam specifically. The film was shot in Scotland over 3 days and in London over 1 day using 2 actors and several locations. Filmed with ARRI Mini + Cinema lenses. Including Voice Over recording in local language and subtitling.
COST for filming and editing: £22,000

EXAMPLES of Animation / Infographics:

Here are some examples of our Animation and Infographic work for a mixture of Corporate and Commercial clients.


This is a quick animation job with basic text and Voice Over recording.
We made this for the launch of a new issue on social media.
COST: £700
This is a character animation we did for an international travel company. We created the storyboard, animation, voice over recording and re-versioned it in 7 languages (including Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German).
COST: £7,000
GOLD: Shericks Shakes
This animation is for Shericks Shakes, a luxury milk shake sold in high end stores in the UK, looking to expand into more mainstream markets and needing investment. We helped them raise more than 275.000 in one week on kickstarter with this video.
COST: £12,000
GOLD: Whiteboard Animation - Stanton Allen
Based on storyboard and script, our illustrator drew the scenes from scratch and we filmed the process as a timelapse. We then animated and graded it in After Effect, adding sounds and Voice Over.
COST: £15,000

LANGUAGE examples of work:

Here are some examples of work we shot and edited for a Google agency in London, to show our versatility in terms of language. We did many more language shoots for Google and other global brands and agencies in that style across the globe...


GOLD: Branded Documentary - Google
GOLD: Branded Documentary - Google
GOLD: Branded Documentary - Google

ADDITIONAL examples of work:

Here are some alternative examples of our 'Last Minute' Video and Animation work for Corporate & Commercial clients.


BRONZE: Marie Curie
We filmed this video in a Green Screen Studio and had a short deadline of 2 days to turn it around in time for the launch literally the day before XMAS. We had to source actors and work on a script last minute as well, which made it all the more challenging and it was a project for quick solutions, yet maintaining decent quality.
COST: £5.000
SILVER: TAG Heuer Animation
We like to use this example to show what we achieved when a client gave us 4 jpeg pictures of their watches and we had 1.5 days time to create something in time for a last minute launch.
COST: £4,000
GOLD: CHARITY Video Gleason's Gym
This is a video for world renown Boxing Gym (Mike Tyson, Ali, Jake La Motta etc). We were honoured to meet the owner and make a short film about their courses for Children with Autism. We like to show this example to see what can be achieved with no planning, turning up on the day with just a dslr and a microphone, no lighting... in just 1.5 hours filming. As much as this isn't exactly Gold in terms of quality, we consider it Gold in terms of what was achieved in the short notice and short time available.
COST: £2,500

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