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Who are Tailored Media?

Tailored Media is a full-service, friendly video production agency, built on strong relationships, creativity and flexibility.

Our home is in London but we also work all over the world, creating content for international campaigns. We have an incredibly talented and diverse team of highly skilled professionals on our books and working out of our London studio; Directors, Producers, Animators, Designers, and Editors.

In addition to all the wonderful projects we’ve worked on here in the UK, we’ve recently also produced work out of North and South America, Morocco, Uganda, Senegal, China, Singapore, Vietnam, The Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Scandinavia and all EU states.

What we do

We specialise in online video, corporate video, employee and internal communications videos, PR and promo videos, documentaries, event filming, music promos and video content for advertising and marketing campaigns; The best thing about this is that we enable our clients to communicate their brand stories, better.

Even if we do say so ourselves, we create great looking, engaging and effective video content for Businesses, Organisations, Musicians and we can operate as a bolt-on to other agencies. We cover all aspects of the production process from conception, scriptwriting, storyboarding, scheduling, project management, filming, directing through to post production including editing, motion graphics, animation, sound design and special effects.

We’re full service, meaning we bring together creativity and strategy, ensuring high-end productions and focused targeting, giving our clients the best ROI.






Once we’ve received your brief, we guide our clients gently through the three stage process of film making: pre-production, production, and post production. We can also offer consultation across your entire video marketing strategy, to ensure you reach your specific target audience.

Pre Production

This is where we plan and organise everything. We start off by meeting you and discussing your objectives. We then work hard on the concept and define a project brief with you. The script and storyboard are drawn up and we put together a production schedule. If you have your own script, great we love to work creatively with our clients, if not then we can get our creative writers into action.


This is where we make and record the raw materials for your film. Mostly our films require filming days, which can be on location, in a studio, with a two-man crew or the works with a razzle dazzle shooting, audio and production crew… depending on what’s needed. Some of our productions are animation so production could involve prop making and illustration.

Post Production

This is where we build your final film, where we put everything together. Post production includes editing, compositing, animation and motion graphics, colour grading and audio mixing.. all done from within one of our edit suites – it’s a bit like magic. After we’ve received your sign off, we also transcode your final film to any web friendly format that you may need and pop a high resolution Master file on a disc for you.

Examples of our Work

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